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About NOBA

Amber Campbell

A Doula's Legacy

In 2022, TDN helped launch No One Births Alone, a not for profit, 503c organization, based in the belief that every birthing person deserves support during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum. NOBA supports doulas, who support families where they live.   NOBA is inspired by the life and legacy of Amber Campbell. In 2019, She was one of TDN’s first doulas to join the network in Florida. Amber practiced in the Miami region and had built strong connections throughout the birth community. Amber was an innocent bystander in a drive by shooting in August, 2020. Amber died from her wounds and was grieved by her friends, family, and birth community. Amber’s smile, laugh and passion for maternal health were known throughout south Florida. NOBA honors her legacy, through a scholarship fund for continuing education for doula’s. 10% of all NOBA event funds are dedicated to the Amber Campbell Scholarship fund.

Our Philosophy

Refresh, Recharge, Deepen

NOBA is the first and potentially only national Not For Profits focusing on the needs and resilience of practicing birth doulas. It is NOBA’s mission to provide practicing doula’s with a place to refresh, recharge, connect and deepen their doula skills.

● Through front-line networking and active community based listening, NOBA understands the challenges and rewards of community based doula practice. NOBA creates innovative solutions, continuing education and support for the practicing doula.

● It is NOBA’s goal to empower doulas, and help them to build and maintain their personal resiliency. Strong, empowered doulas network, because they have the energy to do so. As they network, their  collective synergy helps liberate their communities and direct resources and support for healthy pregnancy options, prenatal, birth and postpartum care.

● Networks of strong, informed resilient birth doulas help build and support strong, informed, resilient communities. This is NOBA’s definition of Birth Justice, and our resources will go toward building these networks and communities. 

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