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Amber Campbell Scholarship

In the interest of honoring Amber’s legacy, all scholarships are intended to support:

  • ​Practicing Doulas
  • Support the growth and resilience of the local doula community
Networks of strong, informed resilient birth doulas help build and support strong, informed, resilient communities. This is NOBA’s definition of Birth Justice, and our resources will go toward building these networks and communities. 

Eligibility Criteria For Spring 2024 Awards

  • Applicants must be an active doulas in the United States. Active is defined as assisting in 2 births within the last 6 months. 

  • Applicants will fill out an application and submit to the NOBA Board and follow all application processes correctly and completely for consideration.

  • The Amber Campbell Scholarship Fund supports continuing education that directly relates to accepted doula practice guidelines. 

  •  NOBA will not fund midwifery or doula initial training programs.

  • Applications will be accepted through the NOBA website. They will be reviewed and scored by NOBA Board members.  Applications will be capped at 50.

  • Up to 20 Awards of $250 each will be granted in September  2023.

  • Awardee Training organizations will be contacted by NOBA, to verify doula’s registration and proceed with payment directly to the organization. NOBA will request that the Training Organization notify NOBA when the training is complete and verify attendance of the Awardee. 

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